3 Types of Water Efficient Fixtures To Add To Your Next Apartment Turnover or Renovation

water saving shower heads

When going green for your multi-family or multi-tenant building, the easiest place to save, besides lighting fixtures, is water fixtures. By taking a few small steps during your natural apartment turnover cycle, you can see a large reduction in water usage.

WaterSense, a US EPA labeling program says that each family could save almost 3,000 gallons of water just by changing their shower heads to water saving shower heads. If that is just one family, imagine the savings that can come from a multifamily building of 50 – 250 units!

There are multiple beneficial selling points for prospective tenants when it comes to a green building. But green initiatives also come with some pretty substantial savings. That is the reason we are writing this Going Green series to help you save and improve your building through your multi-family renovation project.

Water Efficient Fixtures

Here are 3 ways you can save water, create savings and go green in your building during your next set of apartment turnovers or next renovation project:

1.    Water Efficient Toilets

High efficiency toilets have not always had the greatest performance in recent past but are improving their technology. A WaterSense labeled toilet uses less than 1.5 gallons per flush. These toilets also have two flush options for liquids and solids, creating great savings in one of the areas where it is easy to over-use water.

2.    Flow Limited Faucets

Another place to update would be water efficient plumbing fixtures. This can be accomplished by adding an aerator to inject air in the water flow, or using a flow control valve to reduce water flow, you can create savings for every time someone washes their hands both in units and common areas.

3.    Water-Efficient Shower Heads

As we said earlier, a family of 4 can save almost 3,000 gallons of water a year just by switching to WaterSense shower heads. New water saving shower heads not only save money by reducing water usage, they also create a more satisfying shower. With a controlled flow of water, water heaters are able to maintain a more even stream of warm water keeping tenants happy.

Going Green And Saving Money

With minimal labor you can see great savings in your units by focusing on these three fixtures when doing you routine turn-overs. By limiting your water consumption you not only put less of a strain on the local water supply, you also see savings that make your green building a greater profiting property.

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