Vinyl Floor Care and Maintenance Part 1

Vinyl Flooring Parquet

Maintenance is one of the most critical elements to the materials you choose. This must be addressed to get the most out of your flooring installation investment. Unfortunately, you have very little control over the care of vinyl once your tenants are in the unit. But you do have some control over the care and maintenance prior to move-in.

Vinyl Floor Care After Installation  

Making sure that the installed product is absolutely flawless before the tenant moves in provides a baseline for maintenance. But there are others things to consider with your new vinyl flooring.

While it may be difficult to do, as we all want to turn units as quickly as possible, properties need to wait at least 24 hours after installation to walk on or clean newly laid vinyl flooring.  Most manufacturers recommend the floor sit for 3-5 days, so that 24 hours is the bare minimum. Which is why it is also recommended that you not saturate the floor with water when doing that initial clean – especially at the seams. And definitely no heavy furniture, curio cabinets or utility carts should be on the product for at least 24 hours as this can lead to bubbling.

Vinyl Floor Care Maintenance

Vinyl products or vinyl flooring embossed with detail should be cleaned with neutral pH floor cleaner and a microfiber towel or terry cloth towel; all found at your local hardware store.  Manufacturers will recommend you use their brand of products, which generally come with a common cleaner, and a deeper cleaner for occasional use. If you can’t find that brand, there should be at least 1 cleaner with a neutral ph at the local hardware store.

Always avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbers. You can clean the embossed details with a soft bristle brush along with vinyl flooring cleaner to provide the correct amount of agitation. This combination is effective against common debris that floats around during unit preparation such as paint, drywall dust, joint mud and caulking.

Encourage your tenants to have outside door mats, to keep outside dirt from being tracked in and ground into the floor. And also recommend they use color fast woven rugs, with a nonstaining, no slip rug pad. Or, nonstaining vinyl backed mats.  Ask your tenants to avoid fiber mats which can cause damage to the floors And know that latex or rubber-backed mats can stain the floors in kitchen and other areas where smaller area rugs/ matts are common.

Vinyl Flooring Considerations

1) When tenants move in they need to take precaution by using skids, plywood or furniture moving pads to protect against having to pay for repairs. Not only is this a great selling point for them to save money, your turn time will save both time and money, especially if the tenant only informs you once they move out.

2) Stress to your tenants, that any heavy furniture will need floor protectors placed under them.  And anything with rolling coaster type wheels will not only indent the floor, but cause damage when rolled.

3) Suggest that your tenants avoid the common all-in-one cleaners they find at the grocery store, as they will leave a filmy residue and make their floors look less clean over time.  (Durning turns you can remove this film build-up with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner for this type of issue.)

4) Once tenants are out you should call your flooring professionals to inspect any indentations to inform you about whether the product needs replacement or simply a few days time for the indentation to flatten out.

To help increase the longevity of your vinyl floor investment, your flooring contractor should provide documentation from the manufacturer that you may utilize to educate your tenants about how to care for the vinyl floors.

We hope this was helpful for you in deciding how to take care of your vinyl flooring after installation, but before tenants move in. In the next blog we will consider what needs to be done after your tenants move out.

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