Sustainable Landscaping 101

Sustainable Landscaping

The Surprising Savings of Sustainable Landscaping

A good landscaping project beings, in part, with proper plant selection.  Good design means bringing in plants that are suited for local climate, while also working with the overall flow and intention for the space.

When planning your next landscaping project consider the following questions to make your landscaping project more water efficient and environmentally friendly:

  • Are you choosing native plants that will require little resources such as water and chemical fertilizers?
  • Will the design of your landscape lead to unnecessary run-off that could pollute local water?
  • Can you substitute a material with a recycled material?
  • Is the irrigation going to be efficient or create large amounts of waste?
  • What kind of green waste will be produced by the maintenance of the landscape?
  • How much labor will be required to keep the landscape at its peek shape?

These are only some of the many reasons for considering sustainable landscaping.  Speaking with an expert on local landscaping best practices will help solidify a good plan prior to spending time and resources implementing it.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Sustainable Landscaping

The city of Santa Monica started a project in 2004 to measure the costs and benefits of sustainable landscaping. By designing and creating two 1,900 square foot gardens adjacent to each other they created a case study. One garden used tradition landscape design and irrigation, the other used sustainable landscape techniques and materials.

It was seen that “On average the Native Garden uses 83% less water; generates 56% less green waste and requires 68% less maintenance than the Tradition Garden.”

Those statistics are results many property managers and maintenance supervisors would like to take to their company to show the savings generated. Even though the cost of the design and materials for the sustainable landscaping was higher than the traditional at first, the savings in time and labor far outweighed the initial savings found when creating a non-sustainable landscaping project. Beyond the financial savings is the environmental benefit that is produced through these native gardens, which makes a big difference to some tenants.

Sustainability and Your Property

When considering the benefits you can bring to the property you manage by a sustainability audit, what do you have lose? Savings in money, resources and labor while bringing an eco-friendly status to your property sets you up to be recognized by both your management company and your community as a property of integrity and intellect.

Are you looking to start a new landscaping project? Are you interested in ways you can save on your current landscape? If so, why not start with a sustainability audit? This can be a great way to improve your property to be more eco-friendly and save money and resources at the same time. Give Regal Commercial a call at 714-744-1106 to discuss how we can help you achieve the results you want with your property.

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