Commercial Common Areas

Commercial Common Areas Interior Restoration, Huntington Beach, CA

Commercial Common Areas are the most universally utilized areas within a building. Commercial buildings with well-laid out, attractive common areas have a more organized and attentive workforce. Lobbies, reception areas, hallways, stairwells, and elevator platforms are but a few of the most used and important areas to renovate. Some areas are provided for privacy and or relaxation. These areas require an understanding of intended purpose and unique aesthetic applications. Here are a couple of examples of these unique common areas.

Common Area Break Rooms: These areas are often nearly forgotten in an interior restoration, because there are so many other high-priority improvements to make. However, having a place that makes employees and tenants feel welcomed to eat their lunch and talk to their coworkers will make any commercial building a success. Common upgrades to break rooms include new cabinets, larger refrigerators and other essential appliances, new vinyl or tile flooring, and new electrical and lighting.

Common Area Conference Rooms: Offices that span entire floors of buildings will often have some type of conference room included. These rooms hold all kinds of meetings, both technological and mundane, and many employees and companies will spend large amounts of time in a conference room. To make your building more attractive to this type of business, it is important to make your conference room a utilitarian but attractive space that makes meetings easier to manage instead of more difficult.

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