Stucco & Siding

Siding Repair for Residential and Commercial Buildings, Yorba Linda, CA

Whether stucco, wood, aluminum, or composite material, siding primary purpose is protection from the weather and incidental water source damage. However, the type and quality of materials used dramatically affects the overall appearance of the building.

Stucco is a mortar mixture made of sand, water, and portland cement, and is probably the most common type of siding in both residential and commercial markets. It is an attractive, durable, and very low maintenance option for a siding material. Stucco can be directly applied to brick or concrete, and can therefore make refinishing buildings with these types of sidings very quick and easy. Stucco can also be mixed with color pigments to create the look of a painted surface that will not wear away in inclement weather.

Wood Siding, also called clapboard of weatherboard, is another of the most popular styles of building siding. It is incredibly versatile, as there are a large variety of types of wood and stain can be applied to increase this variety even further through color variation. However, wooden siding can require more maintenance than stucco and other options, requiring a treatment every five years or so to maintain the proper look.

Metal Siding, though less common in the residential market, is seen most often in larger industrial buildings and commercial complexes. This siding can be made of steel or aluminum, and comes in a variety of patterns. Steel siding is often galvanized with a colored finish to provide a more attractive look. Aluminum siding reacts with moisture in the air to form a protective, watertight coating over itself, making it very durable and long-lasting as a siding material.

Masonry Siding, often called Stone Cladding, is the use of a thin coat of real or synthetic stone as a siding material. This stone can simulate the natural-hewn look of rough stack or straight stack, or be made to look like brick without the costs associated with using that material to build with. Stone cladding made of real stone has an unbeatably authentic look, but needs to be bound to the substrate because it is heavier.

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