Wood Fascia & Decking

Apartment Renovation and Fascia Repair, Fountain Valley, CA

Wood fascia is planking used to create a layer between the drip edge of a roof and the exterior walls of a building. Fascia also provides an area for the attachment of gutters, which furthers the secondary purpose of fascia board: to protect the exterior walls from weather damage and keep rain from pooling near the walls. Properly installed fascia will help stucco near the ground floor of a building stay dry, protect the interior contents, and last longer.

Fascia is sometimes used to describe wooden Siding. It may also refer to wooden or belly board and structural siding used to create rigidity and a designed, custom look on the exterior of buildings.

Wooden decking and patios are common on the second story of many apartment complexes, senior living communities, and commercial office buildings. The renovation of these decks and patios is relatively quick and easy, but it is another small thing that has a big impact on the overall building functionality and appearance. Deck coatings are necessary in maintaining structural integrity and safety. Additionally, fascia repair for rotting, sagging, or discolored wood before coating improves deck life expectancy. You can’t forget railings and balustrades for both appearance and safety. Synthetic wood railings do not rot or take weather damage like regular wood, and aluminum and steel balustrades look great and add sturdiness to the sides of a patio. Well-installed flashing metal is also important for a deck which protect decking from environmental damage.

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