Rolled Goods

Rolled or sheet goods

The most common type of Vinyl Flooring, Rolled or Sheet Goods come in large rolls commonly 6 or 12 feet wide. These wide sheets of vinyl allow the covering of large surfaces cheaply and with very few seams. The lack of seams in the material makes this type of vinyl very moisture resistant. As a result, it is less likely to “peak” at a seam due to dirt or topical moisture like plank vinyl, which has seams at every tile or plank. This advantage exists even if a seam is necessary (for especially wide applications of the product) because a skilled, professional installer like the ones employed at Regal Commercial Services can use a chemical seam sealer which effectively creates a new, homogeneous surface at the seam.

Rolled Vinyl Flooring comes in both Felt and Fiberglass-backed product. Sheet goods with Felt backing are generally cheaper and easier to install, but they tear relatively easily. Felt-backed sheet flooring has been the standard for many years. However, the newer fiberglassbacked product is beginning to gain market penetration through a combination of more durable construction and even greater moisture resistance. This product also incorporates a thicker cushion than the older felt-backed products, which makes it even easier on the feet.

Rolled Goods are manufactured in a vast array of colors and styles. This type of vinyl can look like nearly any type of flooring, whether it be tile, wood, or stone, and still retain its value oriented intended purpose.

The best use for this type of product is covering an area of high volume traffic with an attractive covering at a low price and low maintenance. We recommend its use in kitchens, both common areas and residential, entryways, receptionist areas of offices, and any other area where a slightly softer feel on the feet is desired.

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