Vinyl Tile & Plank and Solid Vinyl Tile & Plank

Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation for Residential and Commercial Buildings, Los Alamitos, CA

This category of vinyl flooring includes Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Solid Vinyl Tile, and Layered Composite Vinyl. These materials also come in “plank” form, that resemble natural wood flooring. The main difference between them is in the manufacturing process. VCT is made by compressing colored vinyl chips together with heat and pressure to create solid tiles, usually ⅛” thick. These tiles are usually cut into 12” x 12” squares.

Solid Vinyl Tile is created similarly, and both of these materials produce a homogeneous result. This means that the color and pattern of the vinyl tile is uniform throughout the entire thickness of the product, so it may be buffed or ground down to a clean layer if the topmost layer becomes dulled or scratched. This gives it a longer life in commercial applications and makes it resistant to gouges as these can be removed via grinding.

Layered Composite Vinyl, which includes Rolled Goods, consists of four distinct layers. The backing (bottom) layer is vinyl, fiberglass or felt. This layer is covered with a core layer of liquid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and filler, which is topped with a decorative layer and a protective wear layer of urethane or other vinyl material. These vinyl materials allow for greater variation in appearance, but are not as durable as homogeneous products.

Vinyl tile of all types is best used in areas of high foot traffic, and therefore is seen mostly in “common areas” like laundry rooms, restrooms, reception areas, leasing offices, lunch rooms, and waiting rooms. It has applications for both the Multi-Tenant Commercial and Multi-Family residential properties.

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