Subfloor & Substrate Repair and Structural Reinforcement

Regal Commercial Services are experts at Subfloor Replacement and Structural Repair, Tustin, CA

Nearly all floor covering failures are caused by improper subfloor preparation. When you are faced with a difficult subfloor/structural repair or replacement, trust your Regal Commercial services team to provide advice, corrective expertise, and installation expertise that will provide permanent sub floor solutions and long lasting finished floor coverings.

We are subfloor replacement & repair professionals, experienced in substrate repair and reinforcement over all types of framing and construction.

The most common area to have subfloor and/or substrate issues is with elevated floors. Plywood was often used to create the subfloor in older buildings, and even the lightweight concrete used today presents its own unique characteristics. Plywood will rot due to moisture, warp in excessive moisture or heat, and wear down over time. Lightweight concrete can become cracked due to settling of the foundation.

Regal Commercial Services can help you with any subfloor or substrate related problem.  We believe that a job should be done right the first time.
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