Rubber Floor Tile & Rubber Rolled Goods

Textured rubber flooring

Rubber Flooring is popular in applications where the floor needs to mitigate injury or prevent “slip and fall” occurrences as it possesses a naturally high friction coefficient. For this reason, rubber Flooring is commonly used on stairs, elevators, laundry rooms, kitchens, electrical rooms, and fitness centers. However, because of recent advances in rubber floor technology, rubber can be made suitable for many other applications anywhere high safety rating and incredible durability are paramount.

Rubber flooring comes in many forms, textures, patterns, and 3 main color configurations: solid color, speckled, and marbleized. Rubber can be customized with your logo or any other pattern you desire. Marbleized rubber, in particular, allows you to have the comfort and safety of rubber flooring with the look of a real marble, at a fraction of the cost for material and installation labor.

Textured Rubber flooring is mainly textured with small round circles or diamond shapes, to add grip to the floor. The small round rubber adds more grip to standard rubber but also preserves a soft, smooth feel. The diamond-shaped textured floor adds an industrial look to flooring, and is therefore most often used in electrical rooms and machine shops.

Rubber flooring comes in both tiles (which can range anywhere from 12’x12’ to 24’x24’) and rolled sheet goods. Both are equally applicable in most common rubber applications.

Rubber rolled goods are generally less expensive than their tile counterpart. There are many applications where rolled goods are the best solution regardless of price.

Rubber tiles can be appropriate when specified for relatively even substrates via the “loose-lay” method, as they are not glued directly to the substrate. particularly when the areas are of odd shapes and sizes or the ability to replace tiles selectively is a desired advantage. However, rubber tile is most commonly installed directly to the sub-floor.

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