Moisture Abatement

Moisture Abatement by using moisture barrier products, Mission Viejo, CA

Moisture-related problems are the number one reason for flooring failures. These problems range from Hydrostatic Pressure pushing moisture through the substrate and into the slab to excessive moisture presence in the slab due to capillary action from external sources. Some of these problems are a result of the way the concrete was originally poured. Whatever the cause, all of these result in water working its way into the small gap between the substrate and the floor covering. Most issues can be abated with the correct application of a topical concrete sealant, penetrating sealer, specialty adhesive, or moisture barrier. Regal Commercial Services is ready to provide solutions.

How to recognize Moisture-related issues:

1) Vinyl or other “sheet” good is coming off the floor, forming bubbles. These bubbles can be of various sizes and shapes, and they commonly indicate a moisture problem present in the substrate because the adhesive for these products is water-based. When moisture from below or within the concrete comes to the surface, it reacts with the adhesive and causes its bond to loosen. 

2) Vinyl Plank or Tiles peaking at the seams. Whether it is part of the floor, or the entire area, if this is happening it is usually indicative of a moisture problem, for the same reasons as vinyl rolled goods.

3) Efflorescence (white stains on concrete or tile in a “streaking” pattern, which look like hard water stains): If this appears on any of the walls of your building, whether interior or exterior, you likely have a moisture problem somewhere.

4) Wood planks are cupping, peaking, or otherwise uneven in appearance.

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