Industrial Carpet and Commercial Carpet Tiles, Garden Grove, CA

Using carpet in a commercial application adds warmth and comfort to your waiting area or common area hallways.  It also deadens the sound in the office area, which will help to ensure your employees or tenants can work to their fullest capacity. Industrial Carpet is very different from Residential carpet, and putting the correct carpet into your facility will result in a highly productive workforce, tenant satisfaction, tenant retention, and a better ROI. Certain carpet styles and fibers work best when installed in a commercial application. These include Level Loop Pile carpet, which is incredibly durable and resistant to traffic pattern wear, and Nylon carpet fiber, which is soft, durable, and stain resistant.

It is also important to decide whether or not you would like the carpeting glued directly to the substrate or over pad. While pad offers comfort and noise deadening functionality, glue direct installation allows the use of special backings that extend the useful life of the carpet.

In addition to these benefits, glue direct installation also opens up the possibility of installing commercial carpet tiles. This type of carpet is made with a thick, durable vinyl or rubber backing which is installed directly to the substrate alongside other square tiles. These tiles can be installed in a myriad of ways, offering the greatest possible variation in look and pattern. Most importantly, these tiles can be individually removed from the floor and a new tile may be re-installed. This provides unique advantages including: replacement of individual tiles when necessary, and can eliminate the need for cubicle removal for future replacements.

Regal will guide you step by step through the process and provide a comprehensive plan of action. We provide existing conditions & needs analysis, product selection, production scheduling, and budget constraint solutions experience. Team Regal has the experience to make your flooring project priorities a reality. Likewise, years of providing solutions for professionally managed properties makes us an ideal choice.

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