Concrete Color, Texture, Polish, & Seal

Concrete Repair and Concrete Polishing, Villa Park, CA

Concrete is almost always either outside (on sidewalks, curbs, and building walls) or underneath a floor covering on the interior of a building. It is not generally thought of as something decorative; in fact, it is rarely thought of at all. But problems with a concrete substrate can cause headaches for any property management professional, and exterior trip hazards (see ADA) are a common risk management issue.

Regal Commercial Services can fix these problems for you, but more than that, we can turn concrete into a decorative statement. We can make your concrete something people do talk about, and for all the right reasons.

Concrete Grinding and Leveling

Most Concrete Grinding and leveling is done for one of two reasons: either we are grinding exterior concrete architectural barriers for compliance with the ADA law, or preparing an interior subfloor to receive a Floor Covering.

The exterior concrete areas of a building or complex may require grinding to remedy trip hazards caused by tree roots, settling, and shifting of the concrete pour on sidewalks or curbs. It can also be done to fix a sloping slab pour, or one with gullies or peaks, in order to increase the overall appeal of the area.

Grinding and leveling is also necessary as preparation for refinishing your concrete with color, stain, texture stamps, or sealants.

Concrete Sealing, Coloring, Texturing, and Polishing

Concrete can make an attractive, safe, incredibly long-lasting, and reasonably priced flooring solution. This is done by coloring, applying textures, patterns, saw cuts, and other mechanical measures in order to turn a plain grey concrete slab into a work of art. The possibilities for the design of a given concrete floor are virtually limitless, and it can be stained to fit any room’s decor and color scheme. In this way, a building’s substrate might be the most versatile Floor Covering to be considered!

Regal Commercial Services can add new color to an old concrete slab, use stamps to add texture and patterns, or stain and polish for effect. Stains can be mixed to match any color and to bring out architectural details in concrete.

When considering concrete coatings, concrete repair, and aesthetic treatments to the interior or exterior of a building

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