Wood, Laminate, & Hybrid Flooring

Laminate flooring wood

Hardwood creates a feeling of timelessness and strength in any room or area. Typically seen as an upgrade for single family residences, hardwood is also utilized in commercial, apartment, and senior living markets.

Hardwood comes in many varieties and two main types of construction: solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood is the classic hardwood, and because they are solid planks of wood and have no hinges or other installation aids, installation is more difficult and time-consuming. Each plank must be nailed to another or glued directly to the substrate to provide adequate stability. Engineered wood provides a cost effective alternative, both in installation and material, while maintaining the same look and feel as solid wood. Engineered wood is made by adhering a real wood veneer to a plywood backing that has been tooled with slots for other planks to connect to. This type of wood can sometimes act as a floating floor, eliminating the need for adhering wood to the substrate and hiding minor subfloor imperfections.

Hardwood is right for many applications, but it can be less cost effective than other flooring covering options. In many cases where the look of wood is desired, but not practical, laminate makes an excellent alternative. Rather than using actual hardwoods like cherry, maple, or oak, laminate floors are made of compressed fiberboard with an image of realistic woodgrain layered over it and an additional wear layer of urethanes to protect it. Laminate installation uses the same slots that engineered woods are built with, making installation possible where other wood type floor coverings will not work. Laminate floors are usually floating floors, and can therefore be installed on a greater variety of substrates. This also allows us to put an underlayment underneath the laminate that addresses specific problems that might be present in a given area, such as moisture or sound transference. Sound deadening underlayments in particular are very popular in Multiple Dwelling Units and High Occupancy buildings so that multiple tenants do not disturb one another.

Hybrid wood flooring is exactly what it sounds like. With the solid fiberboard backing of laminate and the wooden veneer of an engineered wood, this type of flooring sits somewhere between both. Hybrid planks have a solid construction afforded to them by the thick fiberboard, and most have a tough wear layer over the wooden veneer. Like Engineered wood, even though these planks are not hardwood throughout, they maintain a true wood look without the durability problems that hardwoods can have.

All three of these wood-look products have a specific niche that they satisfy. Regal Commercial Services will provide the solution best suited for your residential, commercial laminate flooring, or hybrid wood flooring. Contact us using the toolbar on the left to schedule your free on site consultation.