Ceramic or Porcelain Tile & Stone

Commercial Ceramic Tiles for Office Buildings, Aliso Viejo, CA

Ceramic and porcelain tile can be a great choice in various areas, from residential or common area bathrooms, to laundry rooms, break rooms, and even commercial offices. Ceramic tile is perfect for giving the floor a durable finish, a smooth appearance, and high slip coefficient ratings. This makes them ideal in high-moisture or wet area applications of a unit or office building.

All tile used for flooring purposes is technically “ceramic tile,” meaning that it is made of clay fired in a kiln and then glazed to give it strength. However, regular ceramic tile made out of red or brown clay is not as moisture resistant or durable as porcelain tile. For this reason, we recommend it only in areas of low to medium traffic, like a residential unit bathroom or laundry room. For high traffic areas like common bathrooms, offices, and clubhouses, we recommend the use of porcelain tile. This is ceramic tile that has been made by mixing clay with porcelain fragments, which creates an extremely moisture resistant and durable product. Porcelain tiles are also patterned and colored throughout the entire tile, so they are very resistant to chipping and wearing that discolors normal ceramic tiles.

Stone flooring is an affordable way to provide that Regal look to a reception area, leasing office, or conference room. The most common types of stone flooring are travertine and marble, but limestone and granite floors can be used to add a lot of character to a finished floor. Also important on an interior stone floor is the finish. Thankfully, the same basic principles can be applied to stone finishing as concrete polishing and texturing, and Regal Commercial Services is experienced in this field as well.

We also carry Luxury Vinyl Tile products which can give you the look of wood plank or ceramic tile, on a floating floor platform that is more resistant to subfloor and structural movement. This is cheaper than actual stone or wood products, allowing you to achieve a similar look on a tighter budget. For more information about this product and other Resilient Floor goods, please visit our Vinyl Products page. If you are in need of any other type of flooring, or if you just have questions about any of our services, please contact us using the toolbar on the left.