Going Green: Using Marmoleum For Your Next Laminate Flooring Project

Marmoleum flooring

When deciding on the materials for your upcoming flooring project, have you considered the problem created by off gassing of many flooring materials? Harmful, toxic gas can be common with many flooring materials and this is the reason why green flooring is so popular today.

Many of your future tenants can easily be sensitive to toxic gases coming from building materials. By choosing durable, sustainable and green friendly materials you are putting your tenants health first and also enjoying the long-term benefits in your budget.

Is it Linoleum?

Yes, Marmoleum flooring is a form of laminate flooring made of natural linoleum that comes from linseed oil and has many beneficial properties.

Marmoleum is:

  • Durable
  • Warm to bare feet
  • Anti-microbial
  • Comes in almost any color
  • Cost the same as traditional Linoleum

How can these benefits bring value to your renovation project? Let’s take them one by one:


By being a durable material, Marmoleum flooring can provide your building with years of stylish flooring in common areas that won’t work well with carpet.

Warm to Bare Feet

Linoleum and vinyl are attractive because they make a unit feel like home even when someone is barefoot. Choosing a green flooring even such as Marmoleum tile allows residents to be comfortable in any season.


Linseed oil naturally creates an unfriendly environment for mildew or any fungus to grow on in indoor applications. This means tenants with many sensitivities and allergies will find it very safe.

Comes in Almost Every Color

Because there are so many options with laminate flooring, many people like to play around with the colors as they design a common area or you can go with more traditional colors to suit your design scheme. Additionally,  Marmoleum can be custom manufactured with logos, unique designs, and patterns for each individual customer

Choosing Green Flooring Materials

As you can see, when considering which green flooring material to go with, Marmoleum flooring gives other green friendly materials a run for their money! Other considerations for green flooring can be found in our Green Floor series such as Bamboo flooring and recyclable carpet.

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