Going Green: Smart Kitchen Remodels Begin with Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Durable Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

What aspects of your units do you want to renovate most? Are kitchen remodels that include updated cabinets and vanities on that list? They should be, because cabinets and vanities make a big impact for potential residents.

Do you currently have outdated cabinets that you’re considering repainting? If you want to go green with your building, you must consider quality cabinetry.

We all know “going green” is the rage right now but true going green in our industry means we should be installing a quality product that does not need to be replaced every ten years.

Repainting at each turn may seem cost effective but that is only in the short term. The reality is, potential residents are tired of seeing kitchen cabinets that have been painted so many times with swiss coffee they are starting to look gummy!

Do you want to stay competitive and up-to-date? If so, then doing a kitchen rehab is a must for any property that not only wants to retain residents but also wants to be able to grab as much market rent as possible.

Modern Kitchen with Melamine Box & Thermofoil Doors

Keep or Replace

The first decision to make is painting or replacing?  Painting can be the most cost effective option especially in areas of limited rent. But it will also make your units look dated, and make your occupancy numbers go down as the market continues to update its units every year.  When deciding to replace your cabinets, if the boxes are not damaged, you can simply replace the doors and paint the frames.  But this will depend on the age and quality of your current cabinet materials.

As we all know in the older units the boxes are usually pretty well worn out and have been painted so many times with oil base paint that even with new doors its still a challenge to get them to look “up to date”

Cabinet Materials

By considering how much replacement and maintenance is involved with your current cabinets, you can identify whether they are durable or not.

Most cabinets and vanities are made out of plywood, particleboard or MDF boxes.

When in the process of determining what will work the best for your property consider the following options.

If a full rehab is not in the budget then consider painting the boxes white, installing new thermofoil or paint grade MDF doors and euro hardware. Replace the drawer boxes with new glides and metal powder coated drawer boxes or new melemeine drawers. This is the least expensive option and it will definitely clean up the look of your kitchen. We recommend paint grade doors if your property takes a lot of abuse since they will be easy and quick to touch up on a turn. The downfall of thermofoil doors is that if one needs to be replaced during a turn the lead time is generally ten working days.

If you have a decent budget but need to spread it around consider doing frameless melemeine boxes with colored thermofoil wrapped doors and drawers. Times have changed!

There are many options other than the standard white color in thermo foil and melamine. There is a lot of options that most people would mistake for stained wood at first glance and these will bring a great value to your units.

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet-v2

Thermofoil doors are made by a process of vacuum wrapping a wood-looking colored aluminum based sheet over MDF wood. When done properly, as we do, these doors are beautiful and long lasting.

If you have a great budget, consider melemeine boxes with solid wood doors. You would be surprised if you are doing multiple units that this option can actually be very cost effective. You will also be surprised to find out how easy the doors and drawers can be touched up by maintenance staff during turns if needed with just an hour of training.

The benefit of this is they will look like solid wood cabinet but be an easy to clean interior that will hold up better to resident abuse than real wood cabinet boxes.

Durable Cabinet Hardware

Another problem can occur if the drawers are not using roller-bearing slides or hinges suited for use and/or abuse.

Consider the type of use these cabinets or vanities will take and use the proper hardware. Regal Commercial Services has years of correctly determining the correct building materials, finishes and hardware for each property’s needs, especially senior housing.

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