Going Green: Low or No VOC Paints and Coatings

no voc paint

When it comes to LEED Certification, one of the most obvious ways to get some of the credits needed is in the paint choice. Some people might not want to go for the lower or no VOC rated paint, because of the cost, and the need for multiple coats of paint during turns. However, there are additional long term benefits to no VOC and low VOC paint that can help offset the short term expenditures.

The most obvious benefit is in the hard dollars and cents that will be saved when using no VOC paint went creating a green building. Extra LEED credit for this type of paint can make good business sense.

Lesser obvious benefits are in the quality of life for your tenants and employees.

Vapor From Low or No VOC Paints and Coatings

Many people love the smell of a freshly painted room but don’t know that the smell being put off by paint is actually a volatile organic compound or VOC. This is why it is so important to consider the right type of non-toxic paint or coating for your building.

By choosing a low or no-VOC paint you are keeping your maintenance staff, tenants and the environment in mind. The VOCs that are put off by this paint not only add to smog levels, but are shown to expel carcinogenic gas.

Paints and Coatings

There are a large number of coatings used in buildings from paints and primers to lacquers and varnishes. The coatings that are found in tenants’ units and common areas will give off VOCs at a high level during the application and throughout the first year.

By looking for a VOC free paint you are able to protect your maintenance staff during the application and any chemical-sensitive tenants who will be occupying the space after application.

When showing an office space or unit, explaining the use of low or no VOC paint and encouraging potential tenants to continue to use these paints could help to show the environmentally conscious attitudes of your company.

Going Green

Choosing to go green with low or VOC free paint is a choice that requires a little extra expense. The greatest benefit, though, is seen in the health advantages for your maintenance crew and your tenants. Choosing to keep the units as healthy as possible will be a rewarding choice and a great selling point to potential tenants.  As well as a great way to earn credits towards your LEED certification.

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