How To Eliminate Deep-Rooted Odor Completely And Cost-Effectively

silicon-based sealant painted onto the concrete floor

Last time, we discussed the huge problem that odor can create when trying to rent out a unit. In this post we’re going to show you the pros and cons of the common solution, followed by a new and better way to permanently solve the problem.

Of course, a common problem eventually begets a common solution. In the case of flooring, that solution is a silicon-based sealant painted onto the concrete floor. There are many brands of this kind of sealant, but they all do the same thing: lock the odor into the concrete. Once sealed, the odor cannot travel up into the new carpet. There are a number of pros and cons for this kind of sealant:


  • It effectively encapsulates odor causing bacteria within the concrete. This way the odor can’t travel up into the apartment through the carpet.
  • It is readily available. The benefit of the common solution is that it can be found everywhere. The sealant can be obtained and applied in short order.
  • It does not actually get rid of the odor; it only encapsulates the bacteria, subsequent mold, and fungus.
  •  The sealant itself is messy, takes hours to dry, and has its own unpleasant smell. It can also stain, which can easily ruin furnishings accidentally exposed to it.
  • It only works on floors. Getting odor out of the walls usually requires a different kind of solution, which has its own separate costs.
  •  It can actually add to the cost of future renovations, and making the unit rent ready, by limiting your flooring options. Pressure-sensitive adhesives will not stick to the sealed concrete, creating issues when installing certain kinds of flooring. The market is currently trending towards these adhesives, meaning that sooner or later you’re likely to run into this problem.


Though silicon-based sealant is easy to find, and ostensibly fixes the problem, the cons associated with it quickly start to add up. The sources causing the odor still exist beneath the seal, and can travel sideways and even down into other units through the concrete. The long drying time hinders work in the affected area until the sealant is completely dry. Your in-house technicians might be able to get the smell out of the walls if they have the knowledge, but that would likely mean diverting them from projects that are better uses of their time. Those projects are pushed back as a result, which means lost productivity. You could hire a painting company to treat the walls, but they will charge you more to cover the cost of the work.  Even if the initial cost of the solution is similar to others, the cost over time can be significant.

So if the common solution can be as bad as the problem, what are you supposed to do? Thankfully, you have a better option. Regal Commercial Services utilizes the Regal Odor Remediation Solution, which actually solves the odor problem, without creating any of the additional issues that silicon-based sealant can cause:


  • The Regal Odor Remediation Solution is not a sealant, and it doesn’t lock the odor away where it can continue to cause problems. Instead the solution is absorbed into the concrete itself, where it can effectively eliminate the source of the odor. Once it’s done its job, it evaporates.
  • The Regal Odor Remediation Solution is odorless, clean, and dries in twenty minutes. Technicians only need to wait a short time before resuming renovations in the affected area. The work gets done faster, and you start collecting rent faster as a result.
  • The Regal Odor Remediation Solution does not prevent pressure-sensitive adhesive from sticking, allowing you to install non-compatible products without any extra work or expense. This allows you to keep up with the market with no extra out-of-pocket costs.
  • The Regal Odor Remediation Solution can be applied to both floors and walls, fixing the entire problem at once and saving you time, out-of-pocket expenses, and rental income.


The Regal Odor Remediation Solution rendered superior results compared to the common silicon-based sealant. So when you encounter the problem of odor in your units (and you will) don’t create more trouble for yourself by using the common solution. Give us a call, and rest assured that the problem will be solved. Permanently.

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