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3 Construction Careers That are in High Demand Right Now

The construction industry is growing in 2017, and the need for dedicated individuals is growing along with it. Demand for construction workers continues to rise, as demand for new buildings (including homes) returns to the industry. Unfortunately, the construction industry has been facing a serious labor shortage that has yet to subside. Many of the positions made vacant during the recession remain that way, despite the positive projections for the growth of the field through 2017. Continued emphasis on white collar jobs contributes significantly to this lack of skilled labor. The good news is that these positions are ripe for the taking, for those who are willing to put in the effort. If you’re in the market for a new career, you should have a look at these three high-demand positions.


When people think of construction, they probably think of muscled individuals in hard hats hauling lumber across job sites. Sure, manual labor is a big part of construction. It’s not the only part of the equation, though. A large part of a successful construction firm is the administrative staff.
Administrative work in a construction company encompasses a lot of different tasks, including billing, scheduling, mail sorting, and ordering supplies. These jobs provide vital support to the on-site techs in their work. Without administrative personnel, a firm can’t keep everything running as smoothly as it needs to be. A career in administration could be a perfect fit for those who are interested more in the support side of the construction field, and perhaps have some skills from a previous office position that can be carried over.

Skilled Labor

A lot of people don’t realize just how much intense labor it takes to construct a building. Buildings of all kinds need flooring, electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. If you’re interested in getting deep into the construction process, and you want to make a good living on top of it, a skilled labor position is a great thing to pursue. Skilled labor contractors are often experts in their own fields. A plumber or electrician, for example, will likely have plenty of demand for their services even between construction projects. All of these fields have plenty of space for those who are willing to put the time in to earn their qualifications.

General Labor

General labor refers to the type of work we talked about earlier. I.E. the actual hauling and assembling of lumber to build the building. Someone who works in general labor tends to wear a lot of different hats. If you work in this position, you’re likely to find yourself working in framing, demolition work, painting, drywalling, roofing, and a host of other vital roles contributing to the finished product. Even if you have little or no construction experience, a general labor position is a great way to break into the field. Plenty of people who end up in administration or more specialized contractor positions start their careers in this kind of generalist role.
This isn’t all the construction field has to offer. We’ve just offered a general overview of a massive field, one with quite a bit of need for dedicated individuals. If you feel that the standard 9-5 white collar job just isn’t your thing, and you want to explore something new, construction might be the perfect place to start. It’s never a bad thing to get into a field where everyone wants your skillset, especially when they’re willing to pay well for it.

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