How To Choose The Right Residential Flooring & Commercial Flooring Options For Your Property

commercial flooring options

There are many different factors to take into consideration when choosing the right commercial flooring option or residential flooring option.

First you want to consider the area you are trying to cover such as a living room, dining room, laundry room, bedroom, office space, break room etc. Each of these areas requires a different product to find that perfect balance of budget and performance.

Each of these spaces are different and have certain guidelines that will help you determine what sort of flooring you should put down:

Therefore, you first step is determining whether your area is low-traffic or high-traffic. If you are in the commercial market then there is an additional category: heavy-traffic.

Residential Low-Traffic Flooring Options

Low-traffic areas include living rooms, private kitchens, and bedrooms, as well as any other area where most traffic will be sedentary.

In these areas, typically multifamily residential areas, the resiliency of the floor is not as valued as its feel and texture. Because of this, high-quality carpet is used most frequently. In kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl sheeting is generally resilient enough to survive food and water spillage, but maintains a cost-effective price point and superior look.

Residential High-Traffic Flooring Options

High-traffic areas include hallways, entryways, public restrooms or other common areas like elevators, and fitness centers.

High-traffics areas do best when covered in a hard surface flooring like tile, vinyl or LVT.  But sometimes this is not an option due to price or desired look and feel. In these cases a durable nylon carpet or carpet tile is recommended.

Commercial Heavy-Traffic Flooring Options

Heavy-traffic areas include office bullpens, break rooms, cafeterias, and waiting rooms.

Heavy-traffic commercial flooring areas require an entirely different approach. For example, in office flooring for bullpens you will have situations where small pockets of the floor will receive a lot of wear from chair casters or work activity and the rest of the floor remains untouched, so carpet tiles are commonly chosen. Carpet tiles allow you to replace the areas of the floor that are stained or worn out and keep the rest of the floor intact, lowering the cost of replacement. This also greatly extends the life of the floor in an area that is traditionally worn out very quickly, which helps maximize ROI in a new flooring purchase.

In breaks rooms, cafeterias and commercial kitchens, a very tough and durable floor is required for the kind of traffic and heavy use these areas receive. VCT or commercial-grade glue-direct LVT is the best option for these areas, especially LVT with a wear layer of 30 mil or higher.

There are many more kinds of commercial flooring options, as well as residential, that could be presented here as each type of product as a space it’s perfect for.  If you have more questions about a particular flooring options or flooring installation you can browse our other blogs or send us a note and we can help with any questions you have. We also offer a free job walk for anyone interested in better understanding your unique project needs. Click the button below to drop us a note or sign up to be contacted about a free job walk.


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