Sustainable Irrigation

Sustainable Landscaping: Sustainable Irrigation As Part Of Your LEED Certification Process

Sustainable Irrigation And LEED Certification Today’s property managers are looking to pursue efficiency and sustainability in their irrigation systems.  Advancements in materials and technologies in the last several years, combined with the desire to save money on landscaping maintenance helps drive this shift.  Tax credits and other benefits of having an LEED certified property also helps support these […]

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no voc paint

Going Green: Low or No VOC Paints and Coatings

When it comes to LEED Certification, one of the most obvious ways to get some of the credits needed is in the paint choice. Some people might not want to go for the lower or no VOC rated paint, because of the cost, and the need for multiple coats of paint during turns. However, there […]

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soundproof windows

Noise Pollution Solutions Using Green Initiatives

Focusing on implementing green initiatives for your building might not resonate for your current or prospective tenants, but there is a type of pollution that tenants care greatly about: noise pollution. Complaints can come pouring in when tenants have to listen to cars or trains buzzing by their bedroom windows. Many tenants have endured sleepless […]

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