vinyl floor maintenance

Vinyl Floor Care and Maintenance Part 2

In our last installment we focused on vinyl floor care, and what needs to be done with your newly installed vinyl flooring before a tenant moves in.  In this issue, we will talk about vinyl floor maintenance, and what steps need to be taken once a tenant has moved out.

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Vinyl Flooring Parquet

Vinyl Floor Care and Maintenance Part 1

Maintenance is one of the most critical elements to the materials you choose. This must be addressed to get the most out of your flooring installation investment. Unfortunately, you have very little control over the care of vinyl once your tenants are in the unit. But you do have some control over the care and […]

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Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping 101

The Surprising Savings of Sustainable Landscaping A good landscaping project beings, in part, with proper plant selection.  Good design means bringing in plants that are suited for local climate, while also working with the overall flow and intention for the space. When planning your next landscaping project consider the following questions to make your landscaping […]

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firesafe landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping: Fire-Safe Landscaping In California

There are many different aspects to take into consideration when beginning a sustainable landscape project. So far we have covered sustainable landscaping in general and sustainable irrigation, but now we want to focus on an aspect of concern for properties in California – fire-safe landscaping.

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