Why You Should Be Including Noise Insulation In Your Renovation

In a previous post we discussed the solution to noise transmission through flooring in multi-level apartments. While you’re renovating your floor, however, it’s probably a good idea to consider other factors contributing to noise transmission. The most problematic areas for noise pollution besides the floor are the walls and windows. These are the causes of […]

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Vinyl Flooring Parquet

How Sound Insulating Your Floor Can Save You Thousands

One of the most common issues that tenants in multi-floor units deal with is noise pollution. People turning the TV volume up, dropping things, or even just walking around the unit can transmit an incredible amount of noise through the floor to their neighbors. If it goes on long enough tenants are bound to complain, […]

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Sad Yellow Lab Laying On Carpet

How Deep-Rooted Odor Is Costing You Time And Money

Can you relate to this scenario? It’s the middle of July, and one of your perfectly good units continues to stand empty. You just finished having it renovated. New carpets and counter tops are installed, and the whole place has a new coat of paint. Despite all that time and expense, however, tenants continue to […]

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