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Commercial Carpeting

3 Things You Need to Consider When Installing New Commercial Carpeting Managing a commercial property means juggling a dozen different demands at once. With all the various factors you have to consider on a daily basis, it’s understandable if you don’t spare a lot of thought for the carpet in your building. The kind of […]

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vinyl plank flooring

Why Vinyl Flooring?

Have you ever had a prospective renter walk into one of your apartments, take a look at the floor, and then back out? Whether you have or haven’t, we can promise you that the kind of floor coverings you have in your units factors into renters’ decision making processes. Comfortable, high quality flooring helps to […]

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Apartment Carpet Installation

What You Need to Know About Apartment Carpet Installation When most people look at an apartment, they tend to focus on things like layout, space, amenities, etc. One very important feature that tends to be underrated, at least by the property owner, is the flooring. When you’re the owner of an apartment complex, you probably […]

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labor construction bidding

Labor Shortages are Driving up Costs

The construction industry is finally showing some substantial recovery, after many years of shrinking due to the recession. That’s good news for those looking to get into the industry. However, it is causing more than a few problems as far as labor costs go. Whether you’re already working in the construction field, or you’re looking […]

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Top view of construction team with colorful hard hat on building construction

Construction Career Opportunities

3 Construction Careers That are in High Demand Right Now The construction industry is growing in 2017, and the need for dedicated individuals is growing along with it. Demand for construction workers continues to rise, as demand for new buildings (including homes) returns to the industry. Unfortunately, the construction industry has been facing a serious […]

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