3 Easy Types of Scheduled Maintenance That Make a Difference – Exterior Maintenance

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There is one phrase that can make every maintenance supervisor shudder: scheduled apartment unit maintenance. This is purely because of all the steps that are involved for a multifamily apartment building.

From deciding which maintenance is the priority across all the units, to notifying tenants that scheduled maintenance will be happening on a certain day, to following up with all the tenants whose units weren’t available when asked. All these things can give a maintenance supervisor a serious headache!  And while we don’t have any quick fixes for these types of challenges, we do want to talk about 1 type of scheduled maintenance that shouldn’t keep you up at night.

It’s an element of scheduled maintenance that you must not shy from and that can make or break a multifamily building and that is – exterior maintenance. Luckily, this type of scheduled maintenance does not normally require the amount of notification and follow-up that other types of scheduled maintenance do. But this type of maintenance, most times, can save you time, money and protect the reputation of the property.

Three Types of Exterior Maintenance
There are three types of exterior siding that must be inspected and maintained regularly to make sure that your building is properly protected and has an impressive appearance:

  1. Stucco 
  2. Wood Siding
  3. Stone Cladding

Stucco Repair
Most maintenance supervisors know that stucco is a mixture of sand, water and Portland cement. Stucco is one of the most common types of siding material used in the multifamily market. Whether applied to brick or concrete you want to inspect areas that could take extra punishment from the environment. Begin by checking around windows, doorways and any water irrigation such as rain gutters and downspouts. Check for molding, flaking or cracking and determine what types of maintenance or repairs are needed to stop a small issue from growing into an expensive repair. And remember to budget stucco repairs for the entire property every 3-5 years.

Wood Siding Repair
Whether you call it weatherboard or clapboard, wood siding is popular with older units. This type of siding used on multifamily apartment buildings will need the most amount of attention when scheduling maintenance.  With most properties scheduling spot replacement of wood siding every 2-3 years. Wood siding, either painted or stained, can develop rotting if not regularly checked. Especially important to remember is that wood siding requires treatment every five years to maintain a pleasing appearance and the necessary protection from the elements.

Stone Cladding Repair
Stone Cladding is a thin application of either synthetic or real stone used as a siding material. Most apartment buildings use this material around certain architectural features to give the look of straight or rough stacked, natural-hewn stone. Unlike stucco and wood siding, properties tend to fix this on an as-needed basis because the adhesive can loosen without any warning. Regular scheduled review and maintenance of this material makes sure that none of the stones begin to loosen and remove themselves. This can be very unsightly and easily repaired before it becomes a spreading issue across a large surface area.

We have all heard the proverb: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is especially true for the maintenance supervisor as the reputation of the property depends on your regular inspection, maintenance and repair of the every facet of the building.

The next step of this process is considering what to do when you can no longer repair an exterior building element and need to replace or renovate. Regal not only wants to provide information in regards to how to maintain your Souther California property, but whether you need to renovate or just make small repairs. To learn more read about our exterior renovation services or contact a specialist on our team to find out how we can help you with your Orange County and LA County exterior renovation needs.


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