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Apartment Complexes should not have Empty Parking Spaces

Millennials are attributed with the death of all kinds of products, traditions, and even entire industries. Some of these theories have compelling data to back them up, like the decline in diamond ring sales. Others do not (we’re pretty sure Millennials still use napkins.) One new trend that is being laid at Millennials’ feet, though, […]

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Are Micro Units a Good Investment?

The housing situation in many large cities across the country is deteriorating rapidly. In Southern California, population growth continues to skyrocket housing demand. Due to housing regulations, NIMBY’ism, and a host of other factors, new housing isn’t being constructed nearly fast enough to meet demand. This is causing a steadily rising housing cost that is […]

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Common Areas need Durable Flooring

In most residential and commercial buildings, there are going to be areas that receive more traffic than others. Bedrooms, offices, and the like are not going to be seeing nearly as much wear and tear on the floors as hallways, common rooms, club houses, and the like. If you’re considering installing new durable flooring in […]

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